Seven athletes tell us about their dream destinations for sports

We can practice it when we are in our cities, when we go to congress or when we are on vacation.

What is certain is that some cities or places are more palatable than others to practice sports and that, those exercise enthusiasts, usually have one or several dream destinations in which they would love to enjoy their favorite sport.

Therefore, we have spoken with seven different athletes, who have told us what their dream destinations are. In some cases the decision is made based on the existence of a specific test of your sport of choice and, in others, it is due to a weakness for a specific place. Be that as it may, these destinations are some of the most desired for sports.

New York and its marathon

Although he speaks wonders about the Honolulu Marathon in Hawaii and is looking forward to trying the Disneyland Challenge in 2021 (Paris, four races in four days), the truth is that for Luis Llano, New York, and his marathon is the dream destination.

Luis is a regular marathon, and has run in London, Chicago, Berlin, Boston, and some more: “For me it is a way to know the world”, but his favorite is New York: “It is a difficult race for the profile, but it is also a race of contrasts, because of the differences between the neighborhoods . Any runner dreams of the Verrazzano Bridge and crosses it while Frank Sinatra and his New York, New York. ”

But the experience in the New York marathon does not end there: “running Central Park with thousands of people cheering on 5th Avenue, they are images that you never forget. After the race has your name in the New York Times, and people for the street congratulating all the runners is brutal. ”

In his case, after the race, he was made a hall at the exit of a restaurant to applaud him and prepared a dessert as a congratulation. No wonder this is your dream destination.

Vietnam in low heat

David is also a runner and it is clear that the main characteristic that his dream destiny has to have is that it is not too hot.

Of course, if you start asking for a destination that really excites you, you are clear: “abroad, and already to ask, Asia. Probably Vietnam .” As far as destinations in Spain are concerned, it is guided by the weather and the options that the area offers: ” in Spain the north, without a doubt: mountain, sea, and climate for any activity”.

Rome: a marathon full of history

Rome is the dream city for any art historian and the director of Vitónica, Raquel Rodríguez, is no exception. And, although she is a usual marathon runner, she opts for that of Rome almost without hesitation.

The Italian city has a special charm for her: “Having studied art history, touring such a monumental city knowing its history I think it would be a very top experience. Maybe I would forget the pain in my knees and everything .”

Croatia and powerlifting

Angel Gardachal, Vitónica’s collaborator, personal trainer, and dietitian, is also very fond of powerlifting and is about to go to his dream destination: a powerlifting campus in the wonderful surroundings that Croatia offers.

Not only is the country itself and a great destination, but everything the campus offers makes it a complete experience: “all inclusive, a hotel on the beach, on an island. With 35 more fans and Isabella von Weissenberg, world champion of powerlifting and with all the material at our disposal to train. ”

Northern Lights and Fjords

For Marta Mª Redondo, the choice of a dream destination can be divided depending on whether she makes the decision based on the city’s own races or marathons or based on the beauty of the landscapes we want to choose.

If we talk about racing, she, like Luis, would stay with New York: “Can you imagine crossing the Brooklyn Bridge by running it? The pear! By tradition and by the atmosphere surrounding the race. It must be an unparalleled experience”.

However, if we talk about landscapes, Marta has much more exotic ideas: “Some of the landscapes I dream of visiting for sports are running between northern lights in the Norwegian fjords, or between lakes in Canada or New Zealand.” Córdoba, Sevilla, Barcelona … the city is an excuse to practice sport

In the case of Julian Iglesias expert mode of travel, the dream destination is where the marathon dream is in that moment: “test is an excuse for a trip, or backward one travel excuse to do a test. ”

Probably, the marathon of New York is one of the chosen ones, by the test, but he is clear that with repeating marathons and getting to know new ones, he already makes tourism: “right now we are doing two days in Cordoba and then five in Seville (yes, but with a pool and tapas, you can take it), and the excuse was yesterday to climb the Veleta. ”

Beach destinations, such as Costa Rica or Azores

Susana Pascual ( @ SusAsanaYoga ) is a Hatha Yoga teacher and has surprised us with her dream destination choice . Or, rather, with your no choice. And, when we talk about destinations to do Yoga, India seems almost the automatic answer.

However, Susana is clear that for her she does not: “Unlike what seems usual, I would not go to India.” In her particular case, she chooses to go to a place with beach and sea where, although we have to be especially careful with the heat , the practice of Yoga can be especially rewarding. Therefore, it stays with magical places: ” Costa Rica or Las Azores or Marrakech “.

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