13 keto or ketogenic recipes with seasonal products in summer

It is always advisable to choose seasonal foods because in them we not only find the nutrients we need at the time we are traveling but also, good quality and affordable price.

Recipes with seasonal fruits and vegetables

Since carbohydrates are reduced to the maximum in a ketogenic diet, we will only prioritize the intake of fruits and vegetables with minimal intake of hydrates and will include them in small quantities in the usual diet.

Thus, we can opt for zucchini, cucumber, avocados or eggplants but reduced proportions, since the intake of only 30 grams of hydrates can make us leave the state of ketosis that we are looking for so much with the keto diet.

Thus, some recipes with seasonal fruits and vegetables recommended if you follow a ketogenic diet are:

  • Tzatziki: It is essential that you choose natural Greek yogurt without added sugar and that you accompany this appetizer or sauce with meats or nuts and not with fresh vegetable sticks.
  • Baked eggs with zucchini: it is a simple recipe in which if necessary you can reduce the amount of zucchini used.
  • Baked avocados stuffed with salmon and egg: avocado is a food primarily rich in protein and healthy fats, although it is an oily fruit. And therefore, we can include it without major inconvenience in a keto diet.
  • Raita or creamy yogurt salad with radishes, spinach, and cabbage: choosing a yogurt without sugar and with minimal amounts of vegetables, we can make this creamy salad that takes advantage of seasonal radishes.
  • Cold cream of cucumber, Greek yogurt, and mint: ideal for a light and refreshing dinner. We can consume it as a first course and always supervising that the yogurt is without added sugar.
  • Tartar or cold soup of yogurt and cucumber: a variant of the previous recipe with even fewer hydrates and many proteins that satiate.
  • The dip of aubergines, pistachios and pumpkin seeds: with many healthy fats this snack is ideal for a fresh snack during the summer.

Dishes with seasonal fish

Just as there are fruits and vegetables whose best season is in these months, there are also fish whose availability is superior during the summer. This is the case of bonito, horse mackerel, hake or rooster that we can take advantage of in different dishes:

  • Classic stuffed eggs: using canned northern bonito or in oil, we can make some traditional stuffed eggs in which it might be better to reduce the amount of pepper used to subtract even more hydrates.
  • Marinated sardines: a simple recipe ideal to have at home for a long time and take advantage of seasonal fish.
  • Nice in oil, lemon, and rosemary: making this homemade canning is an excellent option to prolong the consumption of bonito even when it is no longer in season. We will obtain many healthy fats with this dish that in the middle of a ketogenic diet we can accompany with scrambled eggs or keto bread.
  • Baked sardines with parsley: a simple recipe ideal for lunch or dinner. We can accompany with avocado or eggs.
  • Horse mackerel: to solve a meal in minutes we can take advantage of seasonal horse mackerel with this low-fat dish.
  • Hake to papillote: in this preparation also reduced in fat, we recommend subtracting vegetables in order to reduce the intake of hydrates and not hinder ketosis.

With these 13 recipes of ketogenic diets, you can make the most of seasonal foods during these summer months.

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